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Watch your back when you attack

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Mar. 3rd, 2005 @ 05:32 pm
I'm leaving Livejournal because its stupid and boring. Add me on Greatest Journal (neon_maniac) because its more exciting
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Dirty Punk - Oxymoron

Feb. 3rd, 2005 @ 08:12 pm
I'm taking American Sign Language this semester. Hip hip horray! We have these videos that we have to watch at home and answer questions about it. I watched some of the video today. hahahahha its funny as shit, its all 80's-a-fied and the people look like they're fucking insane. It snowed like an inch today randomly. The stupid sun will probably melt it all tomorrow though.
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Johnny's got a problem - D.I.

Jan. 31st, 2005 @ 11:41 am
I keep forgetting this thing exists, I have no clue why I update anymore cause I HATE livejournal due to its boringness. Buuuut...I killed a mouse yesterday with a shovel cause it was in a trap and it was tearing its skin off and no one would kill it so I did it. I really didint want to but it was so cool though. Mouse guts look suspiciously like tuna, it was sick.

In other news, I painted some more neat things on my jacket and I did an Onward To Mayhem logo on the back of Brians Jacket. I found a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bandanna in Seans Room hahahha. Its Purple and Green and really quite Tara-ish or something to that extent.

I call this one Captain HowdyCollapse )
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: The Ashbrooke Launderette - Toy Dolls

Dec. 29th, 2004 @ 06:21 pm
WOW. I just got a late christmas present from my dad. HAHA guess what it is? A GUN. How pimpin is that shit? Wow my first gun. I wasnt really listening when my dad was talking about it, he said something about it being a replica of a german sub machine gun or some shit like that. I pointed it at the wall and said Pa-Pa-Pa POW. My mam wasnt very happy about it, she probably thinks im going to shoot someone with it.

I got a prom dress magazine in the mail. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laugh. 1st of all, ugly dresses, ugly shoes, all for a ridiculous amount of money? No thanks. Id rather make my own dress, a day glo-ish dress. And it wouldnt be one of those hideous slutty pieces of shit that girls are crazy about. lmfao like Im going to prom anyway. I refuse to go unless I can bring my Rat, and I doubt those assholes would let me even if I told them Ben was my date. hahaha that would kick ass. I should do that anyway come my senior prom. Because Rats make the best prom dates. They can bite, run, chew, and stand on their heads in the proper weather. Destroying my senior prom has been my dream ever since Junior High. And now that i have a gun, looks like my dream will come true! YAY for me!!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: You're a bore (you whore) - Oxymoron

Dec. 27th, 2004 @ 01:54 pm
Christmas was ok, I got tank girl comics and an Alice in Wonderland bag. And a fuckload of eyeshadow =? I hate eyeshadow, unless its a smashing swell color. Not shit brown and white and ugly crap like that.

Wow, I really dont like Livejournal all to much. Greatestjournal is funner, and I like commenting and stuff there. And plus I made neat layouts on there that are much better than this piece of shit

HAHAHA Im failing gym, that pisses me off cause I dont want to retake it. The only problem is my teacher is a Fat asshole who probably will never give me anything above an F no matter how hard I try. Cause I've actually been participating unlike I normally do, so how the fuck do I still have an F? I wish I didnt care, but I dont want to be stuck in gym class again with a bunch of dumbasses that I dont know cause everyone else passed but me.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Angels with Dirty Faces - Sham 69
Other entries
» Total Chaos
Went to a show last night. Piss Ant, Social Dropouts, Resilience, and Total chaos played. It was fun. Me and Katie made some creepy new friends. Like Aaron, he was this random kid with a clit 45 tank top that kept talking to us. I had a feeling he was drunk or something. so when he tried to boost me up to crowd surf I denied his offer. Theres no fucking way Im going to let a drunk guy boost me up and probably kill me. But he was nice though. He had this friend named Josh who was drunk as a fucking skunk. He kept running into people and shit, and he came over and talked to us for a little while then said "Ok im gonna go annoy aaron now."

He was really weird, he kept falling down in the pit and I picked his drunk ass up like 100 times. I just had a cold so I was feeling kind of sick. Resilience did a Sham 69 cover so I went into the pit. Blah it was kind of difficult trying not to die since I was fucked up from this goddamn cold. Oh well, it was worth it. Total chaos was really awesome. The girl who is the singer for the social dropouts randomly grabbed me and put her arm around me. Haha that was so random. We both went up to the front and started moshing and shit. I lost my voice so bad last night. Total chaos played Sex and Violence and I jumped on stage, as well as a bunch of other people and sung into the mic. Hahaha it was all heroic. Me and Sean fell off the stage at the same time, it was funny as fuck. Luckily Aaron and some random guy caught me so I didnt fall on my face and die. That would have pissed me off.

I'm bored now. I got a visa gift card for christmas so Im going to go blow it on some smashing swell cds and what have you.
» (No Subject)
Went to Norfolk and Newport news today with some people. We went to the mall in newport news cause Vanessa wanted to get her nose pierced. We watched the guy do it, it was weird looking. Then we went to the surplus store in norfolk or something. I got a lime green bandana with zebra stripes. Its neat. The other day I got some pimp purple pants. ARG my dads retarded asshole friend keeps coming in here and bugging the fucking hell out of me. I hate that shithead. He asked me what color nail polish im wearing (which pissed me off cause that fucker has eyes, he can see for himself). I said "Blue" and he kept thinking I said "Glow". WTF. I hate him. HAHAHAHA He looks like a really old version of Trapper from Peter and the Test Tube Babies. LMFAO its so sick and creepy. ugh blah blah BLAH. Poor Trapper, hes shit ugly and has a big fucking nose according to that one song "trapper aint got a bird"

Oh yea that reminds me, I went to skinnies today (I love that fucking store) and I bought the best of Peter and the Test Tube babies. And Orcastrated by the Toy Dolls. Last night a bunch of us stupid kids got together and were walking around the neighborhood. We went to the playground and I played on the swings. It was so freezing out. Its supposed to snow tomorrow, It fucking better cause I dont want to go to school. We have to go till fucking wednesday >=( not cool man, not cool. Ugh my throat hurts cause its always so fucking cold around here. Oh yea and We picked some plants and set them on fire and pretended they were torches.

P.S. eeerg, I want to make an oxymoron cd but I dont think I have enough songs to make a cd of a satisfying length. Oh the delema
» (No Subject)
Mice= Pissing me the fuck off, they're running around creeping me the fuck out and they're eating all the food in the house. We're all going to starve to death, and then those little shits are gonna eat our dead asses up.

Its cold as fucking hell, maybe they'll all freeze to death yay.

Im bored and I have to go find something to ingest cause im hungry as hell, and then I got to go wash my bangs and shit cause they're pissing me off
» (No Subject)


» (No Subject)
nyeah...dont really like Livejournal that much, Im quite partial to Greatest Journal. But I think I'll continue to use this just because

I was trimming the sides of my head and I messed up so I just shaved the messed up parts off and my dad pitched a fit

Heres what It looks like nowCollapse )

There was a radio control tank at Walmart that I wanted SO fucking goddamn bad. It was like 100 dollars though, and I dont think I would buy it even if I had the money because I know my dumbass would try to ride it, and then it would break.

I still want it though... =|

haha oh yea I forgot, Im cool now because I have a picture of me as my icon. BLAH
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